Product Design
Siemens’ Home Sweet Home Design Contest for Blackcork, Lisbon Design Show.
Project Awards: 2nd Place, Siemens' contest Home Sweet Home

In a refined and straightforward form, TRIC is a type of stool that is composed of two pieces. The introduction of stainless steel intends to highlight the black cork and, at the same time, create a contrast of texture between the organic and the industrial. This contrast is also felt at the sensory level, ranging between hot and cold, rough and soft.

The seat base has emerged from the triangular shape, to maintain the rationality of the concept at the level of formal simplicity. 

The asymmetry between the dimensions of the base and the seat gives more stability to the stool. The fillet provides a friendly way, not only visually but also in their use, giving seating comfort. 

The metal piece that visually weaves the cork assumes three functions: the footrest, backrest and support to facilitate the handling of the stool. Its shape born around the cork block towards creating a formal symbiosis between both.

This project took the 2nd place in the Siemens’ contest Home Sweet Home


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