My name is Andreia, and I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. I have always had a passion for drawing and I enjoy diving deep into a sketchbook. 

In 2009 I decided to apply for a Product Design Bachelor. Throughout my degree, a narrative and connection to illustration were always important to exist in my projects. In 2012 I graduated with a Product Design Bachelor at the Fine Arts College of Lisbon University.

After my graduation, I felt that a deeper connection with illustration was essential to me and I kept seeking to grow my creative language and produce more original work. Sooner or later, I returned to illustration and my career twisted to graphic design. 

Since then, I’ve been working as a graphic designer and illustrator for various companies and with different customers. I moved abroad for 4 years, where I was able to work with different cultures. I also love to learn and try new different tools (3D modelling, motion design, rendering). 

I’m currently based just outside of Lisbon and I’m still exploring my creative voice, by learning and experimenting with different materials, techniques and themes.

Feel free to ask me anything or say hello! Drop me an email at hello@andreiacsantos.com


Photograph: Francisco Santos

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