Rede Univercidade

Graphic Design & Illustration
Agency: On Spot Marketing
Customer: Rede Univercidade
Project Awards: The Lusos, Lusophone Awards, Creativity - Bronze

Rede Univercidade is a significant Portuguese community of University students. The Rede helps students on the integration of Academic life, provides several tips, events, awards, etc.. 

During my time at On Spot Marketing, we work together to re-design the new visual identity of the brand and communication with the audience. We did not change the logo, but we managed to create a new young and fresh feeling the visual elements and communication approach. A graphic layout for the website was created, some memes and illustrations (especially about the mascot of Rede, the Donkey of Rede) were made, and we designed different graphic materials for events, social media, gifts and other materials. The work was always done together with the Design team and the Rede Univercidade team to reach this young audience.  

U Factor”, 2015

(Do you have what it takes to survive university? U Factor)


Os 10 mandamentos do estudante”, 2015

(The 10 student commandments)

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Disclaimer | Some of the materials present in this page belong to On Spot Marketing, to Rede Univercidade, to each brand/company and/or to the customer at the time of the project. Their only purpose here is to show the designs’ context.