Mundo da Cerveja

Graphic Design & Website Layout
Agency: On Spot Marketing
Customer: Grupo Nabeiro

It is a conceptual space created to offer different tastes and new experiences through international well-known beer brands. 

Beer brand created to give different beer experiences to the Portuguese market. Together with various partners, Mundo da Cerveja (World of Beer) offers different experiences, allowing Portuguese people to explore different beers and tastes around the world.

Together with the On Spot Team and the customer’s graphic materials, I created a layout for the website, different social media posts and various posters for partners’ events. This way, and through all platforms, we could provide a different experience for the final customer and taster.  

The picture on top shows one of the posters made for a partner’s event. The other images show the layout of the designed website.

Mundo da Cerveja 4

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