Photography by Christian Kudler during the press event

High Five to Creative Loyalty


A combination of the creative contribution of 25 illustrators, designers and artists from, and, around Munich, High Five to Creative Loyalty made it possible to share different ideas and knowledge between creatives of other areas and languages. Through the process, each of the creatives created 20 pieces of porcelain pendants with different styles and themes. The result was a total of 500 tiny works of art.

The word was spread over the Instagram account, through #highfivetocreativeloyalty, Facebook’s account and a website. The press event took place on November 28th, 2019 at the Coco Monaco, in Munich. After the event, the pendants were distributed to selected stores in Munich to be sold.

The women behind this project were the ceramic master Anika Schüler and the creative Laura Bohnenberger. While this project was initiated by Annika Schüler, who gathered creatives from different areas, Laura Bohnenberger was responsible for the concept and communication strategy of the project and community. 

While this project is on their first steps, the primary purpose is to expand and continue to work on different concepts to grow into a community of creatives that support and share other ideas and knowledge.

The Favourites of each creative

Photography by Coletta Ehrmann |

My contribution

Photography by Coletta Ehrmann |

The Event

Photography by Christian Kudler |
Photography by Christian Kudler |

Behind the scenes


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