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Ben & Jerry's

Graphic Design & Illustration
Agency: On Spot Marketing
Customer: Ben&Jerry's
Project Awards: The Lusos, Lusophone Awards, Creativity - Bronze

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is a well known American ice cream brand. While working in this agency, we did several projects for, and with, Ben & Jerry’s.  

One of the big projects was the Thank you Fair. Ben&Jerry’s wanted to thank all the costumers and, at the same time, help some charity institutions with a day full of solidary contributions and free ice cream. At the same time and online activation was happening, Everyday is Thank U Day, where Ben&Jerry’s wanted to thank all the costumers with a day full of free ice cream.

Together with the On Spot team, I created the visual identity, some of the illustrations and the graphic layout for website and divulgation materials.

Thank U Fair”, 2015

BJ 1
BJ 2

Everyday is Thank U Day”, 2015


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