Sombra de Luz

Shadow of Light

Product Design
Fine Arts College, University of Lisbon

In order to try to interpret and develop the concept of Chinese shadow figures, I used drawings of an existing tale.

This light object explores plastic characteristics of materials, resulting in a cylindrical compartment which, when turned on, projects shadows of the drawings. The whole object is defined by the cylinder that has the cut-out figures on its perimeter, a base that supports and protects the figures and prevents light from scattering sideways.

A crank was integrated that runs through the set and, when rotated, projects all drawings on a flat or opaque surface, to tell the story.

The tale: William and the Magic Ring by Laura Robinson June 2010 


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Disclaimer | The project present in this page was done within the Product Design course, Fine Arts College, University of Lisbon. The project was achieved with the help/feedback of the teachers at the time the course was done. Their purpose here is to show the designs’ context.