Raiz Editora

Graphic Design & Illustration
Agency: On Spot Marketing
Customer: Raiz Editora

Raiz Editora is a Portuguese publishing company. While I was working with On Spot Marketing, we built several materials for campaigns, social media posts (Facebook), etc.. 

One of the most significant projects that we worked on was to design a flyer, and an animation, explaining how to use the e-Manual Premium platform (pictures on top and right). The biggest challenge on this project was the animation design with all the information that the customer requested, within a minute. You can find the animation on the Raiz Editora Youtube Channel.

We also illustrated several commemorative days in Portugal, Christmas Cards, School days, etc..  


e-Manual Premium


Elementos Raiz”, 201

Challenge made for the public, special teachers. The challenge consisted of taking a photograph that would represent one of the four natural elements. Together with the On Spot Marketing team, we created a visual app on Facebook.

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Disclaimer | Some of the materials present in this page belong to On Spot Marketing, to each brand/company and/or to the customer at the time of the project. Their only purpose here is to show the designs’ context.