My name is Andreia but a lot of people call me Kaikas, Kiki, Mercy, Andi… well, you get the point. I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. I have always loved to draw and it helped that part of my family was connected to fine arts. 

In 2009 I decided to apply for a Product Design Bachelor. I wanted to continue the connection to arts but in a way that could provide me more stability (or this was what I thought at the time!). Throughout my degree, a narrative and connection to illustration was always important to exist in my projects. In 2012 I graduated from the Product Design Bachelor at the Fine Arts College of Lisbon University.

After my graduation I felt that a deeper connection with illustration was essential to me. Sooner or later, I came back to illustration and my career also twisted to graphic design. A couple of months later I started to work as a graphic designer at On Spot Marketing, a brand activation agency. At the same time, and during these years, I worked as a freelancer and I applied for different product and graphic design contests. In 2015 I worked together with a spare time writer, Marta Lourenço. We created two children’s books, The Blue Boy and Once upon a time on the Equator Line… a love story.

One year later I made the crazy decision to move abroad (here I am!). Currently I’m working at Corpack GmbH, in Munich, as a graphic designer and where I also do a bit of 3D modelling and rendering.

Photograph: Francisco Santos

I’m currently on a creative journey. By experimenting different materials, techniques and themes, I’m seeking to grow my creative language and produce more original work. I also do this by always (always!) carrying a sketchbook with me.  You can see the results on my Instagram account. When I’m not drawing or working on some project, I’m reading, doing sports, drinking some coffee or just “cooking” something else! 

Feel free to ask me anything or just say hello! Drop me an email at hello@andreiacsantos.com

Photograph: Francisco Santos

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